Crows’ outreach                                                 Shakeschool! and the Youth shakespeare FEstival Santa Fe

 Upstart Crows of Santa Fe


We have a number of programs designed to introduce young people to the works of Shakespeare: Performance • ShakeSchool! • Workshops • Youth Shakespeare Festival

We also do outreach through participation in parades, city events, performances for senior centers, and more. We’ve performed at the New Mexico Museum of Art’s First Folio celebration, Warehouse 21's anniversary celebration, the Scottish Rite Temple's 2016 fundraiser,  won awards at the Fiesta Parade and Eldorado July 4th parade, and done scenes and Shakespearean songs at GLOW at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden.

We have provided workshops at the Academy for Technology and the Classics, Capital High School, Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe Indian School, the May Center for Learning, Eldorado Community School, Santa Fe Prep, and Monte del Sol School. We performed a reprise of The Tempest for 190 high school students at El Museo Cultural, as well as a reprise of Macbeth for 350 students from ATC and Mandela schools. If you would like the Crows to visit your school or organization, let us know!


Provides workshops and performances for English and Theater classes throughout the school year, and offers Shakespeare club programs during the fall which culminate in the Youth Shakespeare Festival Santa Fe. In addition to growth in literary knowledge, working on Shakespeare improves overall confidence and ownership of complex language, rhythm, imagery and antithesis. It encourages cooperation, team building and accountability to peers.

ShakeSchool Festival groups meet once a week, all fall, during lunch, club time or after school. The Crows provide staff and materials. Students select scenes and speeches and rehearse them with help from our professional actors and directors. Each group will also enjoy a stage fight workshop with Fight Director Ambrose Ferber. We are happy to continue programming through the spring semester for schools which wish to continue their ShakeSchool clubs.

Starting in August, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art visiting artist Ariana Karp, and Caryl Farkas will be available to present the Festival and ShakeSchool program to schools. We can visit during a lunch period, club time, or class period. We are happy to tailor the presentation to suit your school. Ambrose can stage a sword fight, we can present a scene with members of the Upstart Crows, or simply describe the program to students and/or faculty.  or call (505) 466-3533.

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Upstart Crows of Santa Fe are producing  the International Shakespeare Center's Youth Shakespeare Festival Santa Fe!

This year we are excited to announce that the Festival will take place within the Meow Wolf installation! 

Imagine Juliet's "Gallop apace" speech performed in Morgan Pastore's bedroom in the House of Eternal Return. Or the opening scenes from The Tempest, performed in the black light undersea tunnel... 

This year's visiting artist will be Ben Crystal Ben will provide workshops for Festival students as well as doing a public event which students will have free tickets to.

During ShakeSchool Festival sessions we'll be focusing on small group scenes and soliloquies. As soon as a student or group has polished one speech or scene, they will be free to add another to their school's entry to the Festival.

The Festival will take place on Saturday, December 1 with performances going on all day. We will hold our traditional Open-Mic Shakespeare fundraiser on Monday, November 12 - location TBD.