As you shall prove us, praise us...

Upstart Crows of Santa Fe is a theater company for young people, age 10-18, with a focus on understanding and performing the works of William Shakespeare. Actors experience the plays first-hand, exploring Shakespeare's language and meaning with the help of experienced directors. There are no auditions - all who wish to participate will receive substantial roles. Each production has two casts so that actors may take part in every aspect of the production, performing as well helping backstage. No prior theater experience is necessary. The company believes that great performances evolve from understanding the texts and collaborating on the productions.The Crows perform three plays a year - with productions in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. They have an extensive outreach program and also host workshops for all ages on Shakespeare's language with Dr. Robin P. Williams, Shakespeare scholar.

Photo credits; Caryl Farkas, Anna Farkas, Lisette Bell, Melanie West, Lynn Roylance

All the world's a stage

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