Director, Caryl Farkas                                       C                   Caryl worked with in youth Shakespeare in Madison,                                                              Wisconsin for over a decade. She directed young                                                                      actors and adults in numerous Shakespeare productions                                                            with the Young Shakespeare Players, the Shakespeare Circle, and Upstart Crow Productions, and was a founding board member of and performer with Fermat’s Last Theater, a Madison company taking an experimental approach with classical theater. Caryl’s Shakespeare and Madison Savoyard Gilbert-and-Sullivan outreach programs reached numerous schools, libraries, and community centers where she introduced young and old alike to the joys of Shakespeare. She currently is is directing King Lear for the International Shakespeare Center in addition to her work with the Crows.

Upstart Crows Board of Directors

The Crows Board is comprised of theater professionals, educators, youth community builders and experienced non-profit managers.
Kristen Hansen - President

Joseph Farkas - Treasurer

Lynne Roberts - Secretary

Caryl Farkas, Ambrose Ferber, Kathleen Phelan, Laurie Sandman

                                          Edward Daranyi

​​                                                            Associate Director of Education at the Stratford                                                                     Shakespeare Festival. Edward has been involved with                                                             the Stratford Festival’s Education Department for                                                                   more than fourteen years, teaching in the Shakespeare                                                            School, the Teaching Shakespeare Program,                                                                            Shakespeare on Wheels, and  other private and public workshops. He is the Festival’s resident teaching artist and holds a BFA from the University of Windsor. Edward served the Stratford Festival for seven seasons as an assistant and associate director on all four stages, as well as participating in casting and new play development.
Edward has taught classical and contemporary acting to the students of the National Theatre School, the University of Guelph, Michigan State University, Humber College, George Brown College, Cawthra Park School of the Arts, the National Ballet School, and the International Shakespeare Center Santa Fe. He was Artistic Director of Summer Stage in Boulder, Colorado; director and choreographer of Bye Bye Birdie (Meadowvale Theatre); associate director of Noye’s Fludde (CBC/Benjamin Britten Festival, Toronto); and director of Nightlight, The Day Billy Lived, and his own play Sometimes . . . (In the Blink Productions).

Edward was the visiting artist for the 2017 Youth Shakespeare Festival and has taught acting workshops for the International Shakespeare Center which Crows are welcome to attend.



The Upstart Crows of Santa Fe supports company members who are interested in learning how to stage productions of Shakespeare’s plays. Actors who have been in three productions (or two productions and outreach programs) and would like to explore the directorial process can apply to apprentice a production. 

​UCSF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with no paid staff and no overhead. Tuition and donations to the company go directly to productions costs: stage rental insurance, costumes, props, make-up, sets, and a modest director's stipend. Any additional funds collected go toward scholarships for actors.

The Crows are associated with the International Shakespeare Center,

participating in their educational outreach, and community events

and producing their annual Youth Shakespeare Festival.


                                                      Founder and Artistic                                       Director Emeritus,

                                 Anna Farkas  

                                                   Anna has been performing Shakespeare                                                     for fifteen years. She recently took part                                                     in the Summer Shakespeare Course at                                                       the London Academy of Music and                                                           Dramatic Arts. She has acted with the International Shakespeare Center, Madison Shakespeare Company and has directed and performed with The Young Shakespeare Players, Fourth Wall Players, The Lupercalians, Chrysostomos, and Upstart Crow  Productions in Madison    Wisconsin. She is a graduate of St. John’s College in Santa Fe.

                                               Ariana Karp                                   ​          

                                              Ariana is an alumna of the London Academy of Music and                                                       Dramatic Art (LAMDA) with an MA in Classical Acting for                                                    the Professional Theater. She received early theatrical training                                                  with Richard and Anne DiPrima at the Young Shakespeare                                                        Players in Madison, WI, a program that performs uncut                                                              Shakespeare with children ages 6 to 18; Ariana was an actor in                                                  thirty-six classical productions over six years.
                                              After receiving her BA in Literature-Theater from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, in 2011, she returned to the Young Shakespeare Players as a director. She works with Stairwell Theater Company in Brooklyn as an actor, dramaturg, and assistant director. She is a producer, director, and contributor of “Tabling: the Podcast.” Ariana is also a founding member of the Ducdame Ensemble and was the revival director for the production of Fuente Ovejunaby Lope de Vega (1562–1635). Besides classical theater, Ariana also has a passion for playing cello, something she has enjoyed doing since the age of five.

Ariana has done visiting directing for the Crows as well as leading acting workshops for them, recording music for their productions, and hosting them on an episode of Tabling: the Podcast: Listen here!

​​                                              Robin Williams

                                             Robin holds a Ph.D. from Brunel University London in                                                       the history and future of reading Shakespeare—out                                                             loud and in community. She has taught Shakespeare                                                           courses in places as disparate as cruise ships and                                                                universities both here and in London, with a special                                                            fondness for working with people who feel                                                                          Shakespeare is beyond them. Currently she is working                                                        on a series of Shakespeare playbooks edited and                                                                 designed specifically for groups reading the plays aloud and in discussion and is the Director of, a division of the ISC. She holds discussions on dramaturgy with the Crows and provides workshops on Shakespeare's language. Whenever possible the Crows use her books as scripts because of their extensive glosses and explanations. She is an active member of the board of and an Advisory Board member of New Mexico Actors Lab. Robin is one of the Santa Fe Scholars of Record for the First Folio: The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare project funded by the Folger Shakespeare Library, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association.

Visiting Artists!

                              Will McKay

                                             Will McKay grew up in Vermont. He studied theater and                                                        English literature at Middlebury College and classical acting at                                              the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art. He is a                                                          founding member of Ducdame Ensemble, with whom he has                                                 appeared in Fuente Ovejuna at the New York Fringe Festival.                                                 Other Off-Broadway credits include: Victory, Lovesong of the Electric Bear and A Question of Mercy (Atlantic Theater PTP/NYC). Regional credits: 4000 Miles and Eurydice (VT Stage Co) and Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, and Cyrano! (Middlebury Actors Workshop). He has worked as a theater educator, teaching at summer theater camps Acting Manitou and Turtle Lane, as well as directing Shakespeare plays with children for the Middlebury Town Hall Theater and The Lake Champlain Waldorf School. Will had directed acting workshops for the Crows.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is predominantly comprised of members of the company, their parents and theater professionals.

Brooke Bauer, Jackson Budoff, Margaret Beattie, Joy Farkas,     Anna Hansen, Ariana Karp, Gail Marriner, Isaac Marriner,            Zoe Marriner, Liam Mitchell​, Tracey Mitchell, Clara West

                                    Ambrose Ferber 

                                                Ambrose got his start in theatre as an injured boy in Commedia                                                     dell'Arte when he was five and has since performed in Colorado,                                                   New Mexico, and North Carolina. Some of his favorite roles are                                                     Jack Worthing in The Importance of Being Earnest, John Jasper                                                     in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, John Hancock in 1776, Pablo                                                       Picasso inPicasso at the Lapin Agile, Barnette Lloyd in Crimes of                                                 the Heart, and Miles in The Drawer Boy. He got to swing steel as                                                 The Douglas inHenry IV, Part 1 and went on to serve as the fight captain, lead fighter, fight trainer, and fight director in a number of shows, including Romeo and Juliet, Les Miserables, Extremities, Cyrano, and Macbeth.
Ambrose is a certified Advanced Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors, and a member of Screen Actors Guild. Ambrose can be seen in the feature film Eyeborgs and in various TV shows, usually playing some kind of cop. He does stage-fighting workshops with the Crows and fight direction for some of their plays.

                                    Natalie Elliot

                                                Natalie Elliot is a faculty member at St. John’s College,                                                                   where she teaches cross-disciplinary courses in classics,                                                                 history of science, mathematics, English literature,                                                                         philosophy, and music. Natalie’s research focuses on                                                                        early modern literary works that explore the cultural and                                                                philosophical significance of scientific discovery and technological change. Her past research has uncovered Francis Bacon’s mythological teaching on life-extension and explored the conflicts between classical tragedy and scientific progress. At present, she is at work on a book that explains Shakespeare’s poetic engagement with early modern science. Natalie holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of North Texas, where she specialized in political theory and focused on the study of politics through literature. In addition to her appointment at St. John’s College, Natalie has held research and teaching positions at The Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions, Indiana University’s Hutton Honors College, and Southern Methodist University.​ She led a seminar with Crows for their production of The Tempest on the nature and identity of Prospero and participated in the Tabling episode with them.